FACCE-JPI 10 Year Event “A world in transition: Journey towards a sustainable future”

The Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) celebrates its ten year anniversary by engaging in a high-level science-policy discussion. The event will bring together policy makers, stakeholders and researchers to discuss on the urgency to change the way we produce food, on setting priorities in science and on knowledge-based policy making.

Two days and three sessions for a sustainable world

The first session on 26 November consists of a EURACTIV Virtual Conference sponsored by FACCE-JPI. The discussion will revolve around the way to change the European food system taking into account elements such as European resources, resilience, production, consumption, consumer choices and geographical balance.

The second and third session will be on 27 November and are organised by FACCE-JPI. The second session focuses on the science and impact resulting from the research done under the auspices of FACCE-JPI and travels into the future with the presentation of the new FACCE-JPI Strategic Research Agenda, made public in conjunction with the event. The third session concentrates on the path from science to policy and the need for a reinforced European Research Area (ERA) to support knowledge-based decision-making.

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