EWA Web-Seminar EU Green Deal: Water Framework Directive beyond 2027

The European Water Association launches its 15th EWA Brussels Conference as a series of 4 online seminars under the theme of ‘The European Green Deal and Blue Challenges’.
This web-seminar is the third.


  • Bettina Doeser, Head of Unit ‘Clean Water’ at the Directorate-General for Environment, Brussels, BE: ‘Recent Developments in EU Water Policy’
  • Thomas van Gilst, Head of Division, European Investment Bank (EIB), NL: ‘Financing of the Measurements’
  • Professor Julio Berbel, Water, Environmental and Agricultural Economics University of Cordoba, ES: ‘A Practical approach to the Water Framework Directive beyond 2027’


  • Bjørn Kaare Jensen, President of the European Water Association
  • Maj Britt Rosenmeyer Olsen, Associate Director of the European Water Association

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