Water JPI Webinar on private sector finance for water research & innovation

The huge challenges the water sector faces on a global scale will require new innovative ways of financing and organizing research and innovation.

Water JPI and Water Europe have joined forces to organise a webinar where the different best practices and financial models geared to the water sector will be discussed and your input will be much appreciated for developing future water policies.

This webinar will focus on three main topics:

  • Best practices on financing research and innovation.
  • The role of industry and water companies promoting innovative solutions.
  • The role of financial institutions on promoting innovative solutions.

Why should you attend?

Participants will gain a better understanding of this topic in order to be more successful in design and implementation of new funding programmes in collaboration with private sector parties. The webinar is intended for public and private (research) funding organisations, research organisations and industry (in particular the ones that have experience in collaboration outside Europe) and policy makers.

For registration click here, or check for more information the website of Water Europe.

For detailed programme, click here.

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