Public Consultation for Contribution to AQUATAP-ES

In the framework of the Water JPI Thematic Annual Programming action (TAP) focussed on ecosystem services, the members of AQUATAP-ES launched a public consultation on Aquatic Ecosystem Services Data.

AQUATAP-ES comprises researchers on 6 projects in 4 countries (Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands & Finland) covering both freshwater and marine disciplines.  Details of the various partners and projects are available here.

The overall goal of AQUATAP-ES is Informing Policy & Practice. Although the concept of ecosystem services has been the focus of a considerable body of research for more than a decade, there is little evidence that this science has become streamlined within policy or practice, or used in decisions to protect water quality, and biodiversity, or restore natural capital and use it sustainably. Thus, the TAP is addressing what is needed to foster integration of the ecosystem service concept into decision-making relating to the management of aquatic resources. 

The identification of key stakeholders and their needs in terms of information, tools and other supports (e.g. numerical models and decision support tools and training) are considered in order to identify synergies with others working in this area and opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas. 

A very short questionnaire on Aquatic Ecosystem Services Data  (only 5 key questions) is accessible until July 17th for contribution from stakeholders, researchers, networks specialising in the characterisation and valuation of ecosystem services:

Download Questionnaire