Abstract Submission Deadline 21/03/2021

The year of 2021 is highly anticipated: it is the year after the 2020 Covid pandemic affected our planet. We all hope this world crisis will be behind us in 2021 and we can hold a double congress celebration.

For hydrogeologists, 2021 will see:

  • the 47th IAH CONGRESS held in Brazil on August 22nd – 27th
  • and the 48th IAH CONGRESS in Belgium on September 6th – 10th.

Two congresses for IAH’s 65th Birthday!

Both committees are working together to bring you coordinated events.

The General theme of the congress is “INSPIRING GROUNDWATER”.

The history of the world shows that water and groundwater have constantly inspired mankind to develop techniques for the production of drinking water, to transport water to people, to the control of water courses, to the search for new sources, to combat scarcity. Access to safe water in sufficient quantities is essential to mankind, to prosperity and economic development. Let the past inspire us to prepare a better future, let our failures inspire us to constantly improve our techniques, let our children inspire us to give our grandchildren a better planet, and let research inspire us to turn the challenges due to climate changes into opportunities and to make groundwater part of the solution towards a society without fossil energy sources.

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