Water JPI Advisory Boards

The Water JPI Advisory Boards met on the 5th of March 2020 in Brussels (Belgium), at the South African Embassy.

The Advisory Boards (ABs) meeting gathered seven institutions involved in the Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG) and eight experts involved in the recently renewed Scientific and Technological Board (STB).

The items discussed during the meeting included i) the development of the Water4All Partnership candidature for Horizon Europe and the role of the Water JPI in this Partnership if accepted by the European Commission and the Member States, and ii) the options for knowledge transfer.

The ABs provided their recommendations on:

  • The PRO and CONS of the different knowledge transfer instruments,
  • The process for the composition of the Knowledge Hub (KH) seed group and its possible role for defining the KH content or enlarging the KH if needed.

This meeting was also the occasion to officially nominate Yolanda Pico and Sylvester Mpandeli respectively as Deputy Chair and Chair of the STB. The online booklet presenting the members of the STB and SAG is available here.