Water JPI Showcase : The first articles available!

The first articles of the Water JPI showcase campaign are online!
As a reminder, this campaign has an ultimate aim to give more visibility to the work carried out by the Water JPI and to the success stories generated by the programme, both through the funded projects and additional activities. The information contained in the campaign will not only be of the interest of the research community but also of policy makers, general practitioners and society at large.

The campaign will offer a good opportunity to collect views of funded projects on key water knowledge gaps, cutting-edge solutions and roll-out options. It will also inform about other Water JPI projects with no EU funding support like the SD-WISHEES Project, and about the activities conducted by the Task Force “Horizon Europe and Alignment”.

As part of the communication campaign, an article will be published on the Water JPI’s website on a monthly basis. Be also attentive to the communications made through our social networks, LinkedIn and Twitter (X).


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