First webinar of the Introductory series to the International Conference: Groundwater, key to the Sustainable Development Goals

This webinar will be the first webinar of a series aiming at introducing the International Conference: Groundwater, key to the Sustainable Development Goals which will take place in May 18-20, 2022 – Sorbonne University Paris, through Keynotes on interconnectivity between the SDGs and the role of Groundwater. It will provide a chance to introduce the upcoming International Conference with different highlights on the topics included such as “The use of groundwater by NGOs. Links with SDGs. Hopes and knowledge” and Experience feedback, strategies process in Africa and South-East Asia, Indonesia and South-Africa as case studies.

The International Conference: Groundwater, key to the Sustainable Development Goals, coordinated by IAH-CFH and FWP aims to constitute a meeting point to favor exchanges between the different national and international stakeholders in the fields of water and sustainable development through examining the overall relationships between water-related SDGs, their partners and sharing experiences, findings and good practices on GWR in sustainable development trajectories.

Groundwater, Sustainable Development Goals.  The "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs), multinational and multilateral roadmaps, constitute a great message of hope for the future of human societies and terrestrial ecosystems, currently facing the impacts of global change. Water is part of this 2030 Agenda especially through SDG 6.
Within this framework, groundwater resources (GWR) have a key role to play, directly in terms of hygiene and health, food production (irrigation), protection and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity and, then, contribute to reduce poverty and inequalities, to education and gender equality, peace, etc.

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This First Webinar will be the opportunity to address some of these themes through the experiences of various actors ( research, industry, local government, NGO ...).


  • Welcome remarks: Abou AMANI, Director, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO
  • Opening remarks: Dave KREAMER, President, International Association of Hydrogeologists
  • Federico Properzi, Chief Technical Adviser - UN-Water management team
  • Agathe EUZEN, Scientific Deputy-Director, Sustainability Science, Ecology and Environment Institute, CNRS, France
  • Introduction to SDGs, and the role of groundwater
    • Stéphane GILLIS, Managing Director, SDDEA, France
  • How a local government integrates water-related SDGs within its locale: Case study (Aube, France)”.
    • Christian SZACOWNY, Multi Actors Regional Network Great-East, France
  • The use of groundwater by NGOs: Links with SDGs, hopes and knowledge. Experience and feedback from Africa and South-East Asia.
    • Nathalie DÖRFLIGER, Jehanne FABRE, Danone Corporate, International Waters Business Unit and Water Cycle
  • The responsibility of groundwater management in the achievement of SDG’s – Science-based challenges to the accomplishment of a Water Stewardship. Examples of water and dairy plant watersheds in Indonesia and South-Africa.
  • Question & Answer session
  • Suggestions about the 2022 Conference programme
  • Concluding remarks: Gérard PAYEN, French Water Partnership
    • Patrick LACHASSAGNE, Hydrogeologist, President, French Chapter, IAH


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