The Fundamental Issues of Global Water Security: Linking Water Security to Nature

Following the success of the first two IAHR webinars on ‘The Business of Global Water Security’ and ‘The Science of Global Water Security’, attracting a global audience of several thousand page views each, it is timely now to focus on ‘The Fundamental Issues of Global Water Security’ and linking water security to nature and nature-based solutions.

Whilst practicing water scientists, engineers and managers in regulatory authorities, water companies, consulting and contracting companies, private and public investment bodies and non-governmental organisations are focused on trying to manage water security, there is a growing need to improve water management through more and smarter use of data and nature-based solutions.  These approaches will be addressed in this webinar, focusing on managing and improving the resources and quality of water in lakes, rivers, wetlands and coastal based systems. Nature-based solutions to improve global water security will require integration across disciplines and cooperation between scientists, engineers, managers, stakeholders and private and public investors, using integrated data and modelling systems of hydrodynamics, biochemistry, ecology, morphology and socio-economic processes.

This third webinar in this series of webinars being planned by the IAHR Global Water Security Working Group focuses on some of these issues, including: adaptive, real-time, self-learning technologies, validation of hydrodynamics and ecological processes in aquatic systems, including interactions between the ecology, biology and hydrodynamics, particularly in lakes, wetlands and river basin systems. This webinar will focus on framing high-level adaptive, real-time monitoring and nature-based solutions to the challenges and opportunities of Global Water Security, bringing together well-known experts in their fields from the hydro-environmental science and engineering community within IAHR and beyond.

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