Water JPI workshop on international cooperation in the Danube region: The proceedings are now online

The  Danube Region covering 800 000 square kilometres over 19 countries with more than 80 million people and facing water pollution, loss of hydrological connectivity and the effects of climate change, is an area of great interest for the Water JPI. The workshop showed there is room for cooperation between the Water JPI and water policy and management institutions, and RDI initiatives. Indeed, Water JPI’s priorities are well aligned with the priorities expressed by participants and several RDI issues are of common interest (e.g. nature-based solutions, impacts of mixed pollutants, water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus, climate change effects of the hydrological cycle and impacts of disruptive shocks due to climate change or pandemics). Cooperation could take the shape of mobility actions, capacity-building activities, information and knowledge sharing, and joint programmes targeted at young researchers. The Water JPI will seek to initiate and strengthen, at a later stage, cooperation with the main stakeholders in the region (e.g. EUSDR, ICPDR, Black Sea Commission).

Download the workshop proceedings.