IC4WATER RDI Funded projects booklet

Booklet of the projects funded under the Water JPI 2017 Joint Call on Water resource management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - IC4WATER

Project Logo Project Acronym Project Title Coordinator Participating countries
representative_image.JPG Control4Reuse Process control technologies for water reuse Sweden Sweden, Brazil, France
logo.JPG GlobalHydroPressure Model-based global assessment of hydrological pressure Sweden Sweden, Brazil, Norway
logo.JPG IDOUM Innovative Decentralized and low cost treatment systems for Optimal Urban wastewater Management France France, South Africa, Germany, Brazil
representative_image.JPG IoT.H20 IoT for Supervision and Control of Water Systems Germany Germany, Belgium, Brazil, France
MadMacs Logo MadMacs Mass development of aquatic macrophytes – causes and consequences of macrophyte removal for ecosystem structure, function, and services Norway Norway, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, France
representative_image.JPG NANO-CARRIERS Micro- and nanoplastics as carriers for the spread of chemicals and antibiotic resistance in the aquatic environment Norway Norway, South Africa, Cyprus, France
SmartControl.png SMART-Control Smart framework for real-time monitoring and control of subsurface processes in managed aquifer recharge applications Germany Germany, Brazil, Cyprus, France
URBWAT Designing, implementing, monitoring and understanding a grey water drainage and partial treatment system within an urban informal settlement South Africa South Africa, Germany, Sweden

All information have been provided by the coordinators of the funded projects and the  data collected are processed in accordance with the Water JPI Privacy Policy and the current regulations regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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