AgWIT - Agricultural Water Innovations in the Tropics

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Coordinator: LuMark S. Johnson - University of British Columbia (UBC)

Projects  Partner and Institution:
Susan Trumbore Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry BMEL Germany
Paulo Brando Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia IDRC Brazil
Andrea Suárez Serrano Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica - HIDROCEC - IDRC Costa Rica
Monica García Technical University of Denmark (DTU) IFD Denmark
Steve Lyon Stockholm University - FORMAS Sweden
Chih Hsin Cheng National Taiwan University MOST - Taiwan

Key words:



    1. Identify improvements in resource use efficiencies and environmental performance of key crops produced via alternative water and soil management strategies under rainfed and irrigated conditions;
    2. Determine crop physiological responses of biochar additions to soil using non -destructive optical and thermal sensing at multiple cales throughout > 20 agricultural crop development cycles;
    3. Develop/apply crop ecophysiological, hydrological, and biogeochemical models to evaluate innovative soil and water management strategies in relation to the plant - soil -atmosphere system;
    4. Evaluate and set priorities among strategies to increase water resilience through structured decision making workshops with local communities, producer groups and water management agencies.

Project structure
WP1. Crop responses, water and carbon footprints in relation to biochar additions and water management strategies Annual volumetric water footprints (blue and green) fo r soy, corn, rice, melon, and sugarcane;
WP2. Hydrology, isotopic measurements and modelling at nested scales;
WP3. Structured Decision Making Workshops and Knowledge Transfer;


Expected Impact of the Project, Develop and assess strategies to improve agricultural resilience while reducing the water, carbon and other footprints of agricultural practices and improving freshwater security and environmental conditions AgWIT will develop practicable strategies with end users and stakeholders for integrating novel approaches to soil and water management of agricultural systems.

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