Water JPI TAP Action

TAP Thematic annual programming (alignment of new national projects)

The Thematic Annual Programming action (TAP) is a network of national projects focussed on specific RDI needs. This cluster will allow coordination between the individual projects, lead to a greater impact at the European level and create critical mass, addressing research gaps and avoiding duplication. Activities will include annual working meetings which will allow exchange on approaches, methods, data.


First TAP Action

The Water JPI is currently developing its first Thematic Annual Programming (TAP) action. It is aimed at launching it in 2018/2019.



The Water JPI SRIA Subtheme 1.1. Developing Approaches for Assessing and Optimising the Value of Ecosystem Services aims at providing a better understanding and assessment of ecosystem services relies on research on the ecological functioning of aquatic (surface, transitional and coastal water), riparian (located along the banks of rivers, streams, or any other water bodies) and groundwater ecosystems. The current research needs identified in the Water JPI SRIA include:

  •  Developing approaches for assessing the ecological functioning of ecosystems;
  •  Developing and testing methodologies for the valuation of ecosystem services;
  • Establishing multiple pressure impact-response relationships in aquatic, riparian and groundwater dependent ecosystems;
  •  Integrating ecosystem services into management of water resources; and
  •  Adapting and integrating our water/ecosystem management, planning and governance systems with better environmental data and information.

The focus of the first Water JPI TAP action will be refined in the coming weeks.

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The added-value includes developing synergies, international cooperation and coordination between the individual projects and this should lead to a greater impact at the European level as well as to creating critical mass, addressing research gaps and avoiding duplication. 

Water JPI key achievements 2011-2016

This publication presents the ten main goals achieved by the initiative till now.

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The WATER JPI is a relevant structure for Horizon 2020

Both the Water JPI and Horizon 2020 use public funds to achieve their goals, and enjoy a significant area of synergy in their respective research priorities. The JPI provides a channel for dialogue with the EC on future Horizon 2020 calls. Since its launch, the EC has been very supportive of the Water JPI and a non-voting member of its Governing Board.
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