The first newsletter of SD-WISHEES

The first newsletter of the SD-Wishees project is now available! SD-Wishees stands for “Supporting and Developing WIdening Strategies to tackle Hydroclimatic Extreme Events: impacts and Sustainable solutions for cultural heritage”. This CSA brings together 16 organisations across Europe and Kenya, including some members of the Water JPI. The goal of this project is to enhance research and innovation collaborations with widening countries to address the impacts of hydroclimatic extreme events on cultural heritage (including intangible heritage as well as historical and natural sites).

As part of its work plan, SD-WISHEES will launch at the beginning of 2025 a TAP action (Thematic Annual Programming), which will enable the networking of national projects. As for now, funding agencies from four different countries have confirmed their interest in the TAP: France, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. New funding agencies might join in the near future.

The SD-WISHEES’ newsletter will be published on an annual basis and it will provide detailed information on activities and results of the project. It can be accessed at the following link:

Stay tuned for updates on SD-WISHEES by becoming part of the project community. Contact:

Oriane Wiser,

Larissa Vargas