Public water operators as actors of public health: efforts in tracing SARS-CoV-2 in waste water

Members of Aqua Publica Europea are taking part in research efforts throughout Europe to detect and trace SARS-CoV-2 in waste water, as a potential tool for an early warning system and public health decision-making. 

  • EMASESA (Seville, Spain) is defining processes and network sectorisation to localise information and defining an action protocol as part of waste water safety planning.
  • Eau de Paris(Paris, France) participated in a quantitative research conducted through the lockdown period that found a parallel between the quantity of virus RNA in waste water and the evolution of clinical cases.
  • PROMEDIO(Badajoz, Spain) is adapting tools designed for larger cities to its own on-the-ground reality: smaller municipalities, rural areas, disperse populations.
  • BCASA (Barcelona, Spain), is participating in EU-funded research projects that are incorporating activities related to COVID-19
  • Many Italian operators are involved with the National Health Institute’s nationwide project
  • Scottish Water, Budapest WaterWorks, Irish Water, Aguas de Cádiz, HAMBURG WASSER, and others collect and provide samples to support wider research initiatives.