Final conference of AGRINUPES projet

The AGRINUPES project « Integrated monitoring and control of water, nutrients and plant protection products towards a sustainable agricultural sector », held its final webinar on the 4th December. Funded within the frame of the Water JPI Joint Call 2016 of the ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2015, the AGRINUPES project aimed at the development of an effective integrated and sustainable monitoring and control system for optimal water and nutrient supply and reuse. It has brought partners from Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Turkey.

AGRINUPES’ consortium members presented the main results of the project, possible uses and applications. The webinar also counted on the participation of 4 other projects funded in the Water JPI Joint Call 2016. Esther Diez Cebollero was invited as Water JPI representative to make a presentation of the initiative as well as the upcoming Water4All Partnership, and to moderate the round table session around « The future of water use ».

The webinar showcased innovative solutions for sustainable water management in agriculture, greenhouse management, and water reuse efficiency and resilience. Discussions during the round table highlighted that technological innovations have allowed the treatment and reuse of water, the reduction of carbon emissions and the development of alternative (« unconventional ») sources of water. These technological solutions need to be though accompanied by new economic and legal frameworks as well as a change in users’ paradigm on their perception of water in non-stressed water areas. The role of social sciences and humanities was thus stressed by participants.

The round table also showed the strong willingness of participants to expand their activities internationally and to cooperate with research groups outside Europe (in particular, with northern African countries).

Webinar participants are eagered to pursuing their collaboration after the end of the projects and to continue contributing to the Water JPI through their involvement in different activities around water and agriculture (e.g. launch of groups of experts on this topic, write-up of strategic papers).

More information on the AGRINUPES project is available here.

The programme of the webinar is available, click here to download.