AquaTAP_ES - Workshop 2

The second AQUATAP_ES workshop took place in Brussels on 19 November 2019 with 13 attendees from the various projects and the Water JPI community. Our Dutch colleagues hosted the workshop in their offices in Brussels. This workshop focused on discussing the relevant and appropriate stakeholders for mapping the impact of AQUATAP-ES TAP, and appropriate methods to communicate the outputs of AQUATAP-ES TAP. The main aims of this workshop was to identify ways of translating the Ecosystem Approach into policy and practice, generating a suitable knowledge transfer and communication/dissemination strategy for different target stakeholders.

The group concentrated on means of mapping and measuring the impact of the AQUATAP-ES TAP, short, medium and long term.  Following on with work relating to the translation of the ecosystem approach and best practice, such as illustrated by the Netherlands example. Also identifying key stakeholders, generating a policy brief that is relevant to particular audiences (again looking at best practice such as MARS project and BiodivERsA policy briefs) and creating linkages and collaboration with existing initiatives critically not duplicating work but finding the network’s own unique message and identity.

This 2nd workshop is a positive development in the activities in the AQUATAP_ES, moving forward into an operational phase where the network participants will co-develop outputs, impacts and linkages with other initiatives and stakeholders to ensure the message of the importance of Ecosystems Services is central to policy and can be practically applied on the ground to make a real impact.

The 3rd workshop scheduled on June 16th 2020 will take place virtually  due to the Covid-19 situation.