International conference CITIES, RAIN and RISK

The conference, held in Malmöe, Sweden, 13-14 june 2019, T CITIES, RAIN and RISK was the joint final seminar of Water JPI (WaterWorks2014) projects MUFFIN (Multi-Scale Urban Flood Forecasting) and INXCES (Innovations for Extreme Climatic Events), together with two national Swedish projects (Sustainable Urban Flood Management and X-band Weather Radar). The conference was divided into four themes (1) End-user engagement, tailored tools and public perceptions, (2) Rainfall and environmental observation and forecasting, (3) Urban flood modelling and forecasting and (4) Water management, nature-based solutions and climate adaptation. Almost 150 persons attended the conference; the abstract booklet can be found here and for a short glimpse of the conference, see video here.

The aim of MUFFIN project was to bridge the gap between the urban and large-scale hydrological modelling communities and develop innovative tools for reducing the urban impacts of extreme precipitation, including sensor technology, systems for interpreting and communicating data, and monitoring networks that will contribute to improved integrated risk management solutions to urban floods.

One of the tools that have been developed in MUFFIN is RAINVIS, which is a real-time high-resolution high-intensity rainfall visualization prototype. It provides the user the best possible information and decision support both before a flood event (forecasts – for early warning), during the event (observation and forecast – for situation awareness) and after the event

(observations – for post-event analysis). Another MUFFIN output is a multi-scale flood forecasting prototype developed for Aalborg City, Denmark. For more information about the MUFFIN results, please visit the project at the Water JPI open data webpage.