Workshop on “Towards a Common Strategy on International Cooperation” took place on the 25th June 2019 in Paris, France.

There were 38 attendees from 19 countries at the workshop

There were 38 attendees from 19 countries at the workshop. The attendees represented:

  • Researchers funded under Horizon 2020, COST and the Water JPI, from France, Ireland, Germany, Moldova, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania, Denmark, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, China;
  • Initiatives, such as PRIMA, the Belmont Forum, Water JPI, WssTP Chine-EU Water Platform, BONUS, AFRI-Alliance, etc.;
  • RDI Projects with Africa, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada, etc.
  • Network e.g. Australia, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, USA, Georgia, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Israel.

This was the second workshop in a series of three workshops designed to elaborate a common strategy with other relevant EU initiatives on international cooperation in the context of research, development and innovation activities. This workshop was primarily targeted at researchers. All presentations and the Proceedings will be made available from the Water JPI website.

2019 Water JPI Workshop.png

2019 Water JPI Workshop (25th June 2019) in Paris, France.