Special issue on challenges related to antimicrobial resistance in the framework of urban wastewater reuse

The special issue focuses on antimicrobial resistance and state-of-the-art research in relation to urban wastewater. This special issue is also part of the international conference XENOWAC2018 that was held last October in Limassol, Cyprus with the title: “Challenges and solutions related to xenobiotics and antimicrobial resistance in the framework of wastewater reuse: Towards a blue circle society".
Contributions/Papers are accepted up to 31st January 2019 in the following thematic areas:

• Thematic area 1: fate of antimicrobial resistance in urban wastewater treatment plants;
• Thematic area 2: antimicrobial resistance: From urban wastewater treatment plants to the environment;
• Thematic area 3: emerging processes and technologies to meet urban treated wastewater reuse requirements in relation to antimicrobial resistance;
• Thematic area 4: risk assessment and policy development to tackle antimicrobial resistance in the urban water cycle.