Strengthening China Europe water innovation cooperation

PIANO is a H2020 strategic cooperation partnership for water research and innovation between Europe and China to create social and economic cooperation opportunities in the European and Chinese water sectors.

PIANO is a H2020 strategic cooperation partnership for water research and innovation between Europe and China to create social and economic cooperation opportunities in the European and Chinese water sectors.
Among its objectives are strengthening the existing network of the CEWP, identification of European technological water innovations that have a potential for implementation in China, identification of drivers and barriers related to implementation and replication of water innovations in China, and promotion of knowledge exchange. Further, a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) for China Europe water cooperation has been elaborated.
During the event, which was held in Brussels last 15 May, the project results and recommendations were presented, gaining feedback and exploring options and synergies to utilize the project results through and beyond the work of the China Europe Water Platform and the other international water-related networks and initiatives. Video and presentations of the event will be uploaded on the PIANO website in the next weeks.