2015 Joint Call mid term review workshop

The 16 projects funded under the 2015 JPI call are met in Larnaca last May 8 for their mid-term review.

The 16 projects funded under the 2015 JPI call are met in Larnaca last May 8 for their mid-term review. An occasion to present their  intermediate results and exchange with the follow-up group members in charge of the evaluation for the funding agencies involved in the call.
These projects addressed technological solutions and services for water systems:

  1. for water treatment, reuse, recycling and desalination;
  2. for water resources management; and
  3. to mitigate impacts of extreme events (floods and droughts) at catchment scale.

The follow-up group composed by members of the evaluation panel and the Water JPI scientific and technological board monitored the progress of the cofunded call projects throughout their lifetime, providing advice where needed on project implementation and contractual requirements. The networking after each session of project presentations allowed to foster coordination and future cooperation among all the funded projects.
The presentation of WaterWorks2014 cofunded projects results are available on the Water JPI website.