Water JPI News 10/October 2015

Waterworks 2014

Pilot Call projects

Towards the THE SRIA 2.0

Participation in the WRC Symposium and Water-Tech Summit

Research Highlights:
Bioaccumulation in aquatic systems

H2020 workprogramme 2016-2017 approved

H2020 Simplification Survey
INNEON network for eco-innovation investment

Pact on water and adaptation to climate change

TAIEF funding instrument

IWA WDCE2015 Jordan “Water Security for Sustainable Growth”

13th International conference « EUROPE-INBO 2015

Amsterdam International Water Week

Policy priorities for flood management in England

11th EWA Conference "Water Challenges in Europe”

ERA LEARN 2020 Annual Joint Programming Conference

Soil and water bioengineering: skills, regulations and benefits

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