WaterJPI launches official communication campaign to promote water sustainability and policy influence

Following a decision from the Governing Board, a communication campaign will be launched in September 2023. Already the objectives of this campaign were presented in Madrid on the 31st May- 1st June during the WaterWorks2017 and AquaticPollutants meetings. This idea was welcomed by participants.

The positive reception and insightful responses received have set the stage for an impactful initiative. The campaign aims to effectively communicate and disseminate information about both ongoing and previous activities of the Water JPI, while also contributing to the sustainability of its results. By establishing itself as a key player in shaping European water policies, providing market-oriented solutions, and keeping citizens informed, the Water JPI endeavors to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among scientists, policymakers, and the public.

Objectives of the Communication Campaign

The main purpose of the communication campaign is to ensure widespread awareness and understanding of the Water JPI's current and past endeavors. By harnessing the power of effective communication, the campaign seeks to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Dissemination of Results: The campaign aims to promote the dissemination of the Water JPI's outcomes to a diverse range of stakeholders. By highlighting achievements and sharing success stories, it endeavors to showcase the contributions of the initiative to the water sector.
  2. Policy Influence: The Water JPI aspires to have a real impact in the development of European water policies. Through this campaign, it intends to emphasize its role in shaping policies that address water-related challenges and foster sustainable practices.
  3. Market Uptake of Solutions: The campaign seeks to identify and promote solutions generated by the Water JPI and its funded projects that have the potential for market uptake. By highlighting innovative approaches and practical applications, the campaign aims to contribute to possible commercialization of water-related technologies and solutions.
  4. Citizen Engagement: Recognizing the importance of engaging citizens, the campaign endeavors to keep the public informed about progress and achievements made in the field of water. By sharing relevant information, success stories, and lessons learned, the campaign aims to empower citizens to actively participate in water-related discussions and decision-making processes.

The communication campaign will be spearheaded by the Secretariat and Coordination team at ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) and will eventually replace the existing newsletter. The team will be responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the campaign, ensuring its smooth execution. However, the campaign also encourages active participation and contribution from all partners associated with the Water JPI.

To maximize visibility and reach, the campaign will utilize popular social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. A teaser of each article will be posted on these platforms to generate interest and drive traffic to the comprehensive articles, which will be made available through the Water JPI's official channels.

The launch of the communication campaign marks a significant milestone for the Water JPI in its mission to promote water sustainability and influence European water policies. By effectively disseminating information, sharing success stories, and engaging citizens, the campaign aims to create a lasting impact in the water sector. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the Water JPI endeavors to contribute to the development of innovative solutions and foster a sustainable future for water resources. With the official launch of the first article scheduled for September 2023, the campaign is set to gain momentum, creating a platform for scientists, citizens, and policymakers to come together and shape the future of water management.