Call for submissions of new Ecohydrology Demonstration Sites

deadline for submissions is 31 August 2023

UNESCO's Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP) launched a call for proposals aimed at establishing new UNESCO Ecohydrology Demonstration Sites across various countries and regions worldwide. This call is part of an endeavor to spread exemplary methods and approaches among UNESCO Member States and the general public. It offers countries, organizations, and individuals the chance to significantly enhance the well-being of their ecosystems by implementing the ecohydrology approach in their catchments. Moreover, they can gain valuable insights from other demonstration sites and share their own best practices with others. The broader objective of this initiative is to foster research and promote the exchange of knowledge regarding ecohydrology.

Objectives of the call for submission

  • Identify knowledge gaps to address ecohydrological issues related to critical water ecosystems, including those in arid and semiarid zones, coastal areas and estuaries, and urbanized areas.
  • Showcase how better knowledge of the interrelationships between the hydrological cycle, livelihoods and ecosystems can contribute to more cost-effective and environmental-friendly water management.
  • Demonstrate systems solutions and technology transfer opportunities through North-South and South-South linkages to harmonize the ecosystem potential with societal needs.

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