Strategic collaboration with Biodiversa +

As part of the BiodivRestore project, the Water JPI and Biodiversa+ are exploring possibilities for strategic collaborations and the uptake of research results. To this end, the Water JPI has identified key thematic areas of interest for both initiatives and potential activities in support of the production of new knowledge, stronger knowledge integration and impact. Based upon the analysis of their strategic research and innovation agendas, common areas of interest for the Water JPI and Biodiversa+ include:

  • Monitoring tools.
  • Generation of knowledge on biodiversity status, dynamics and trends.
  • Development of interoperable and easy-to-use tools for data collection, including citizen science.
  • Understanding of the causes and impacts of multiple pressures, including pollutants, climate change and invasive species.
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems restoration.


Despite the progressive downscaling of JPIs in the European research and innovation system, opportunities for collaboration between Biodiversa and the Water JPI still remain. The Water JPI is particularly interested in the wide communication and dissemination of project results as a way to assess and inform members of the added value of the initiative and the results obtained so far to support innovation in Europe and policy-driven decisions.