Advisory Boards meeting

The selection of the Advisory Boards made up of a Scientific and Technological Board (STB) and a Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG) has been completed in January 2023. The Advisory Boards are from now shared with the Water4All partnership, which can consult them on specific issues according to its own needs.

The first meeting of the Advisory Boards, kindly hosted by the Department of Science and Innovation, was held on 9-10 May 2023 at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Brussels. The meeting gathered nine experts from the STB and representatives of six institutions of the SAG. The primary objective of the meeting was to get to know each other. Water4All and the Water JPI presented their activities and specific areas in which the contributions from the Advisory Boards are expected. The boards were particularly enthusiastic, they brought fruitful inputs and relevant suggestions to questions raised by Water4All Pillar leaders and the Water JPI.