EcoDaLLi kick off event took place in Stuttgart, Germany

The kick-off meeting of the EcoDaLLi (ECOsystem-based governance with DAnube lighthouse Living Lab for sustainable Innovation processes) project took place in January in Stuttgart.

The EcoDaLLi project is a CSA supported by the «Restore our oceans, seas and waters by 2030» Mission. The project, officially launched in January 2023, aims to centralise Danube governance structures to support the uptake of innovations for improved ecological restoration, protection and preservation of the Danube basin and its delta. It will therefore contribute to the implementation of the Danube Light House. EcoDaLLi seeks as well to foster a stronger innovation ecosystem through a well-connected living labs system.The Water JPI is expected to support project members in the mapping of stakeholders/ end-users potentially interested in the adoption of such innovative solutions.

In this regard, the Water JPI has been officially invited to join the Danube Lighthouse Launching event that will be held in Bucharest, Romania, on 3rd and 4th of April 2023. The Danube Lighthouse will provide the possibility for sharing views on how to increase cooperation to ensure environmental protection and restauration.