AquaticPollutants Transnet project first delivrable: "Mapping of end-user groups and governance and synthesis of their demands for knowledge" has been published

What knowledge gaps exist in the realm of CECs, AMR and pathogens? What are the needs and demands for knowledge among different stakeholders and from national and European legislation? It is the task of AquaticPollutantsTransNet to address these questions: it supports the 18 AquaticPollutants research & innovation projects in addressing these needs, helping them disseminate their results to targeted stakeholders via innovative knowledge transfer strategies.

In its first deliverable, "Mapping of end-user groups and governance and synthesis of their demands for knowledge", they present the results of more than 50 stakeholder interviews and show an overview of the knowledge gaps and demands of different stakeholder groups in the water sector.
They focused on the three countries of the TransNet consortium: Germany, Sweden and France, as well as the European Union.  A review of more than 100 national and international regulatory documents contributed to the overview of knowledge demands.

For Deliverable 1.1, they first identified the stakeholders involved with CECs, AMR and/or pathogens and then analyzed their working relationships and networks. This allowed to identify which key groups could be interviewed. The interview covered the following topics:

  • Available or missing knowledge on aquatic pollutants
  • Challenges in accessing this knowledge
  • Tools and networks used to access information and learn about new developments

You can read about the results, the key findings, and next steps on the topic of knowledge gaps and knowledge needs in the  deliverable here.