General Assembly of the SD-WISHEES

From November 21 to 23, the General Assembly of the SD-WISHEES project convened at ANR premises in Paris. SD-WISHEES, standing for 'Supporting and Developing Widening Strategies to tackle Hydroclimatic Extreme Events: impacts and Sustainable solutions for cultural heritage,' brings together collaborators from JPI Climate, JPI WATER, PRIMA as well as representatives of research performing organisations, foundations, non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The project aims to collectively address the protection of cultural heritage in Europe and beyond in response to hydroclimatic extreme events.
During the meeting, all 16 partners engaged in discussions on the progress of activities across various work packages and outlined the next steps. Representatives from active Balkan and African partners attended in person, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by widening countries.

Ariane Blum (coordinator of the Water4All Partnership) and Alexandre Caussé (JPI Cultural Heritage Secretariat and coordinator of the ARCHE project) joined the last part of the General Assembly, which allowed discussions on possible joint activities and the exchange of knowledge and information. Amongst other topics, the possibility to adhere both the Water4All and the JPI Cultural Heritage to the Thematic Annual Plan (TAP) action envisaged by SD-WISHEES was discussed.