World Food Day 2023 – water is life, water is food

Every year on 16 October, the United Nations celebrates World Food Day.

This year’s theme is “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind”, focusing on the importance of water resources on food systems preservation and ensuring its equal distribution all over the world. Especially with the challenges of the current food system landscape, a systems approach is needed where governments, institutions, and researchers work together. Their call to action is to enhance knowledge and evidence-based policy recommendations that capitalize on data, innovation and cross-sectoral coordination. This gives the opportunity to better plan water management, incentivise farmers, and involve the private sector to cooperate in integrated solutions for a more efficient and less waste of water use.

Students from different countries and cultures unite to call for water action for food through song and dance in the multilingual music video "Water is Food, Water is Life". This song produced by Kabin Studio and performed by the multicultural Piccola Orchestra di Tor Pignattara will inspire young people to become change-makers and advocates for a more water-secure world. Watch and share the video and join the call for water actions!  

Water is life, water is food - Music Video - YouTube