WaterWorks 2017 Showcase Valorisation – 2 parts

As the closure of the ERA NET WaterWorks2017 is approaching, the Water JPI has planned to organize a two-event Valorisation showcase. The objective of this Valorisation showcase is to enhance visibility of the outputs of WaterWorks2017 funded projects.

The first event will be organised during the Conference EcoMondo, in Rimini (Italy) on the 7th November. Some projects coordinators have been invited to present their research, with a strong focus on results for an audience mainly made up of end-users. The aim of this first event is to highlight the concrete results obtained by researchers, and to promote the use of their research, because all research has not only a fundamental objective, but it can also bring a practical one.

After this first event of the Valorisation Showcase dedicated to the utilisation of research’s results by end users, a second event will be held right after the next Water JPI’s Governing Board on the 16th November. This second event will therefore target the funding agencies that participated in the WaterWorks2017 joint call. The purpose of this second event is to offer an overview of the work carried out by funded projects and their results. Funding agencies will be able to have a more concrete understanding of the outcomes of their financial support.