SD Wishees – new website and social media

SD-WISHEES, which stands for 'Supporting and Developing Widening Strategies to tackle Hydroclimatic Extreme Events: impacts and Sustainable solutions for cultural heritage,' is a project dedicated to strengthening collaboration with widening countries within the Horizon Europe Programme. This project vision is to foster research and innovation that addresses the impacts of hydroclimatic extremes on cultural heritage.

SD-WISHEES' mission is to develop innovative tools and strategies, facilitating collaboration among diverse stakeholders in Europe and beyond. Together, we work inclusively to ensure the sustainable management of cultural heritage, encompassing historical sites, natural sites, and intangible assets such as knowledge and traditions.

We invite you to explore the new website, where you will find information about research, projects, and partnerships. The social media channels will keep you updated on the latest developments and discoveries in the SD Wishees activities.

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