MEPs want more efficient treatment and reuse of urban wastewater

MEPs want member states to strengthen the monitoring of various elements at the inlets and outlets of urban wastewater treatment plants, including numerous pollutants, microplastics and so-called “forever chemicals” (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS). The report also insists on monitoring the presence of various public health parameters in wastewater.  

MEPs agree to set up a system of extended producer responsibility (EPR) targeting medicinal products for human use and cosmetic products, which have been identified as the main sources of micro-pollutants in urban wastewater and require additional treatment. The report foresees that EPR schemes may be complemented by up to 20% national financing for the upgrade of urban wastewater treatment plants in order to avoid unintended consequences on the availability, affordability and accessibility of vital products, in particular medicines. Read more: