Launch of the Biodiversa+ BiodivNBS Call for Research Proposals on “Nature-based solutions for biodiversity, human well-being and transformative change”

BiodivNBS Call for Transnational Research Proposals on “Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for biodiversity, human well-being and transformative change” (referred to as BiodivNBS) is NOW OPEN.

This call aims at supporting research on biodiversity to gain a better understanding of the tipping points and trade-offs and underlying mechanisms affecting Nature-based Solutions, and their successful implementation with respect to the benefits for nature, human well-being and societal transformation.

To do so, it will support transnational, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral research projects (3-years duration) in all parts of the world addressing one or more of the three (non-exclusive) themes below:

  • THEME A: Synergies and trade-offs of Nature-Based Solutions in the context of human well-being
  • THEME B: Nature-Based Solutions mitigating anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity loss
  • THEME C: The contribution of Nature-Based Solutions for just transformative change

*All realms (i.e. terrestrial, marine, coastal, and freshwater) will be eligible.


41 Funding Organisations from 34 countries are joining this call and have reserved – together with the European Commission – a total amount of ca. 40M€.

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