FOREWARN summer school

The AquaticPollutants funded project FOREWARN held a summer school from 15-16 June 2023. During the Summer School 8 students from Spain, France, Finland, Greece and Serbia came together in Dublin, Ireland with the aime of learning something about new tools to assess contaminants of emerging concern in the aquatic environment.

The Summer School has been held in the framework of the project. During the course, seven professors (who have given different master classes) introduced the students into the topic of CECs and persistent organic pollutants under an environmental and chemical point of view. In addition, the students learned some strategies to perform a chemical analysis. At the end, they participated in a Quiz to test their knowledge regarding all these sections.

Furthermore, they got an introduction to the assessment of ecotoxicity, and to the main tests to be performed if testing the toxicity of environmental chemical pollutants. Once they have acquired some skills in the chemical analysis of, e.g., antibiotic chemicals, they visited a master class. The topic of this master class was the determination and presence of antibiotic resistance in the aquatic environment, which is transmitted by the constant presence of antibiotic residues in environmental waters.

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