Enhancing international cooperation: Water JPI/ Water4All - India meeting

A small delegation of representatives of the European Commission in India visited the premises of the French National Research Agency (ANR) on the 24th October to discuss possible future collaborations between the Indian research community and the Water JPI and Water4All Partnership. The meeting counted the participation of the Water JPI’s Coordination and Secretariat, the Water4All’s Coordination team and the coordinator of the Water4All’s Pillar E on international cooperation. Exchanges revealed the strong interest of the Indian research community for research and innovation in the fields of oceans and glaciers, freshwater management, wastewater treatment technologies and health. As for January 2023, the Commission is planning to launch a 1.5 million Euros programme to support innovation in all sectors in India. The programme will seek co-creation and co-implementation activities with stakeholders through their early engagement in projects and the support to demonstration activities and living labs.


This meeting took place a few days before the participation of the Water JPI’s Chair (Dr Giuseppina Monacelli) in the 5th European – India Water Forum. This Forum offered the Water JPI the opportunity to present its current activities and its international cooperation strategy, approved by the Governing Board in May 2022.