Water JPI’s Impact Assessment launch event

As part of the IC4WATER Project, a global impact assessment of Water JPI activities has been carried out, and the results have been synthesized into a report “Impact Assessment report of Water JPI activities”. Main results and recommendations of the report were presented in a dedicated event on the 20th May 2022. Amongst other results, the event highlighted the role of the Water JPI in water RDI alignment, proved by the capacity of the initiative to coordinate national research interests and priorities. Lessons learnt since the launch of the initiative will be key in the structuring of future activities and the implementation of the Water4All Partnership.

The valorisation of project results for market uptake and policy was also proposed as one of the main areas to be encouraged in the years to come in order to make better use of national and European financial commitments. The implication of stakeholders and end-users from the early stages of projects is also a must.

Presentations were then followed by a Panel discussion that brought together representatives covering different perspectives and dimensions of the evaluation.

The online event was followed by more than 60 people and the final report will soon be published.