Body of Knowledge (BoK)’s seminar on water scarcity

The KICs Climate, Food and Manufacturing have joined forces one more year to gather experts around water scarcity in southern European countries. These experts, stemming from research centres, associations and project management organisations, are part of the EIT’s Body of Knowledge (BoK). The BoK will hold a series of technical seminars till October 2022. The first seminar will take place virtually on “Understanding water scarcity in the southern European context” with a series of short presentations on the drivers of water scarcity, the impacts and the available solutions to water scarcity followed by a panel discussion with distinguished guests from the tourism, agriculture and utilities sectors, policy makers and researchers. The purpose of this seminar is to provide an overview of current and emerging challenges and to influence the European policy agenda to urge for action.

Connection details will be available soon on the website of the 3 KICs.