Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise – stakeholder survey

Stakeholder survey open until 21 February 2022!

The Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise is a joint effort by JPI Climate & JPI Oceans, focusing on regional to local sea level changes in Europe. It aims to support the development and implementation of related policies at local, national and European levels by providing a networking platform to promote exchange, synthesis, integration and generation of knowledge on Sea Level Rise (SLR).  The long-term ambition of the Knowledge Hub is to provide easy access to usable knowledge on regional-local sea level change in Europe, regularly updated as a series of periodic assessments.  Aiming towards such a goal, the Knowledge Hub envisions a scoping process, where stakeholders are invited to attend organized workshops towards the drafting of an informed agenda for a larger-scale, pan-European expert conference.

The main result from this series of workshops and the conference will be an Assessment Report on sea level rise drivers, impacts and policy options for each of the major sea basins around Europe.  Each of the workshops will be dedicated to a European Sea Basin where SLR issues will be shared and discussed among participants from the countries of that basin.

A quick survey aims to identify the pressing stakeholder needs related to sea level rise to inform several basin-specific expert workshops and a large-scale European conference in 2022. The joint JPI Climate & JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise warmly invites interested stakeholders from all sectors and domains to share their perspectives, wishes and ideas.

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