2022 International Conference: Groundwater, key to the sustainable development goals

The 2022 International Conference: Groundwater, key to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be held on 18-20 May 2022 in Paris, France. The call for abstracts is now open!

The non-exhaustive list of topics of the conference is online:

  • The point of view of the youth on groundwater and SDGs, with students from Universities, Colleges, High Schools...
  • Groundwater contribution to the various SDG targets. Importance, role and assets of groundwater to contribute today and in the future to the achievement of the SDGs targets. Planetary boundaries linked to groundwater.
  • How to put groundwater science and techniques at the service of SDGs?
  • Specificities of governance and good management practices for groundwater resources management, relationships between groundwater and ecosystems, with surface water
  • Monitoring SDGs groundwater-related targets: KPIs, Indicators, monitoring for SDG targets. How to improve the indicators
  • Funding groundwater related SDG targets: Strategies, available means, innovative financing tools for the good governance, development and protection of groundwater resources. New financing opportunities to reach the SDGs targets. How can corporate funding contribute?
  • Specific tools and approaches for groundwater survey and assessing the available resource, their quantitative and qualitative status: areas of progress, specific indicators, role of the various actors
  • Integrating global change and climate change impacts in groundwater-related SDGs targets achievement
  • Links between SDGs and the European Water Framework Directive
  • Decentralized cooperation in France. Assets of the NOTRe law, green grants, French Oudin law. Principle and examples (notably from Niger and Burkina Faso).
  • Case studies: best practices, successes/worst failures. Presentations from management bodies, communities, NGOs…
  • How to render visible the contribution of groundwater to SDG targets. Communicating about groundwater.



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Volunteers to organize a session on a given topic during the Conference, to organize a workshop or a roundtable to be held during the conference (or a combination of sessions/workshop/roundtable), can contact the chair of the Conference programme.

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