Special Issue “Water and Human Settlements of the Future" of the Water journal

Call for articles by 15 October 2021

The Special Issue "Water and Human Settlements of the Future" of the Water Journal aims at collecting original research and literature review articles on the state of the art and recent theoretical advances on water research, policy, and practice in cities worldwide, in relation to major global challenges and responses/solutions to these challenges. We particularly welcome articles related to integrated urban water management, water and urban metabolism, water-sensitive cities and sponge cities, urban biodiversity and nature-based solutions for climate and health emergency, and water circular economy, including articles with specific focus on policies, strategies, actions, and appropriate technologies. Connections between traditional ecological knowledge and ancestral hydro-technologies with nature-based solutions, and articles with a focus on developing context and informal settlements are also very welcome.

This Special Issue is grounded in the knowledge and research activities developed in the frame of the VIII Phase (2014–2021) of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO, specifically on the thematic area of water and human settlements of the future. Thereby, the aim of this Special Issue is to further contribute to supporting evidence-based policy makings through fostering scientific advances to meet today’s global urban water challenges.

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