Mid-Term evaluation of projects funded under 2017 Joint Call IC4Water

The mid-term evaluation meeting of projects funded under the 2017 Joint Call in the frame of the CSA IC4WATERWater resource management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” was carried through Zoom on April 22. 2021, organized by Maryam Shapouri at the Research Council of Norway in cooperation with the Water JPI secretariat.

All the eight projects were represented at the meeting. Unfortunately, one member of the follow-up expert group was not able to be present. Also, the Water JPI Coordinator, Véronique BRIQUET-LAUGIER (ANR, France) presented update on the activities within the Water JPI.

The meeting confirmed that all projects are performing well despite the pandemic, and the presenters must be acknowledged for their detailed accounts of project status and achievements. Follow-up members present (Daren C. Gooddy, Bjørn Kaare Jensen, Jaime Baptista) significantly contributed to making the meeting a great success by their constructive and informal ways of communicating with the presenters.