Final review meeting of WaterWorks2015 (2016 Water&FACCE JPIs) Joint Call co-funded projects

An online meeting was held 27-28 April 2021 for the final review of 21 transnational research projects funded under the 2016 Water&FACCE JPIs Joint Call 2016 Water&FACCE JPIs Joint Call in the frame of the Era-Net Cofund WaterWorks2015.

The Call addressed the thematic area “sustainable management of water resources in agriculture, forestry and freshwater aquaculture sectors” and the following themes were targeted:

  1. Increasing the efficiency and resilience of water uses;
  2. Monitoring and reducing soil and water pollution; and
  3. Integrating social and economic dimensions into the sustainable management and governance of water resources.

It resulted in the funding of 21 excellent research projects in a total grant amount of over 17 million euros.

The purpose of the final review meeting was to present the development and outcomes of the funded projects and provide the opportunity to the Project Coordinators, the Follow-up Group members and Funding Agencies to exchange ideas and feedback. The discussions after each session of project presentations allowed to foster future collaboration among all the projects.

More information on individual funded projects can be found here.

The Follow-up Group is composed by the members of the independent Call evaluation panel and the Water JPI advisory board and is tasked with evaluation of the research projects throughout their lifetime, making recommendations where needed regarding the funded projects and procedures of the Cofunded Call.