DANUBIUS-RI Potential User Survey

DANUBIUS-RI (International Center for Advanced Studies on River - Sea Systems) is a pan-European research infrastructure that supports interdisciplinary research. DANUBIUS-RI provides access to a platform for research and for supporting capacity building, education and training activities for end-users coming from the world of science, politics and industry. Thanks to world-class scientists, it will support collaboration between stakeholders about research, industry, management and politics, organizations and it will contribute to increase skills, aiming at ensuring sustainable management of European river-sea systems.

DANUBIUS-RI also provide access to: natural laboratories in the major European river-sea systems (Supersites); harmonized data with wide temporal coverage, in-situ, satellite data, chemical-biological analyses, numerical models and virtual infrastructures (e-learning). It will offer scientific support to decision makers, administrators and entrepreneurs. In this context, Danubius-RI has just lunch the following survey:

DANUBIUS-RI Potential User Survey. Click here to participate.

The compilation time is less than 5 minutes. In the online questionnaire you will also find a link to the services defined in the preparatory phase of DANUBIUS-RI