The co-creation program on environmental and health data of WHOW Project is OPEN!

In the frame of Water Health Open knoWledge Project (WHOW) a co-creation program has been launched in order to engage with a potential large pool of stakeholders who are interested in participating from the first phases of the project in the creation of a knowledge graph that  links  together environmental and health data. The WHOW project funded by the CEF TELECOM CEF-TC-2019-2 (Public Open Data) aims to develop a framework to foster the creation of a large data ecosystem on water consumption and quality, health parameters, and dissemination of diseases to be reused for advanced analysis and development of innovative services.

WHOW addresses the generation of cross-border and cross-domain services, also re-using information available at the European Data Portal. In this context the co-creation program intends to bring together different stakeholders in the water and health data sectors. Participation in the co-creation program is open to a vast number of participants among the scientific communities, private companies, intermediaries including journalists and associations of all kinds, public administrations and individual citizens interested in open data and civic monitoring. The participants will collaborate with the WHOW project partners from the initial phases of the project  to create  a knowledge graph that can provide a tangible  contribution to the European Green Deal and Health data spaces, as mentioned in the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions - A European strategy for data.
Users will take part in online scheduled meetings, have access to documents and technical artefacts ((e.g., datasets, ontologies) produced by the project, and interact with WHOW partners by presenting new ideas and data, or directly contribute to the development of the artefacts composing the entire WHOW framework.

Join the WHOW co-creation program