EUWI+: integrated water resources management in river basins for 30 million citizens at the European Union border

The EU-funded project « European Union Water Initiative Plus » (EUWI+) aims to improve integrated water management in the 6 countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) following the principles of the EU Water Framework Directive, with a main focus on the management of transboundary river basins. It supports the development and implementation of pilot river basin management plans, building on the improved policy framework and ensuring a strong participation of local stakeholders. Started in 2016, EUWI+ is co-funded by the European Union and by Austria and France, through the Austrian Development Agency and the French Artois-Picardie Water Agency. In this project, the International Office for Water in France (OiEau) manages the elaboration of river basin management plans, stakeholder involvement and awareness-raising for the large public. OiEau also supports the Eastern Partnership countries in the development of their water data management system. This will enable institutions in the water sector to share their data more efficiently and transform them into valuable information to take informed decisions concerning sustainable management of water resources. 

In the frame of the EUWI+ project, water resources in pilot areas of the Eastern Partnership countries have been assessed. The specific indicators employed in the assessments show the current and future level of environmental quality in line with the pressures likely to affect water resources. This process, known as a “risk assessment of water bodies”, provides the basis to decide on the most appropriate measures to safeguard or increase water quality in the years to come. To make this complex data easy to understand, the EUWI+ project developed a dynamic dashboard and map to visualise the risk assessment for surface water bodies (lakes, rivers) in the pilot river basins of the Eastern Partnership countries.

EUWI+ project - Map of the pilot river basins in the 6 Eastern Partnership Countries – source: the International Office for Water in France, OiEau

More information on EUWI+ Dynamic Dashboard click here.

Dynamic Dashboard click here.