WaterJPI promotion video: 10 years of achievements

Over the last few decades, water resource sustainability has become a major issue. It is more urgent than ever to combat the degradation of ecosystems and therefore, of natural water resources, to protect and conserve biodiversity, and to meet the growing water demand of the world's population.

In this context, the 10th World Water Forum was held in Bali (Indonesia) from May 18th to 25th 2024. More information on the forum is available on the following website:

For this exceptional occasion, the Water JPI has developed a video that is now available. The video, displayed in the Water4ll’s booth during the Forum, mainly presented the work achieved by the Water JPI, the list of partners involved and the seven transnational joint calls launched. The video also includes a short interview to the Water JPI’s coordinator, Dr Esther Díez Cebollero, who talks about the impact of the programme and its contribution to improved water management.