Events on Tuesday, 27. November 2018

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November 27 Tuesday

Nov 27, 2018 to Nov 30, 2018
Venice, Italy

The Conference Citizen Observatories for natural hazards and Water Management 2018 will focus on the potential of Citizen Science in the European (and beyond) innovation landscape, and in particular in the fields of Environmental Monitoring, Natural Risks management, Land use monitoring and management.

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November 27 Tuesday

Nov 27, 2018 to Nov 29, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

Water Knowledge Europe 2018 is the specialised event hosted by WssTP to expand your network and create new partnerships for the upcoming water-related calls in Horizon 2020. Click Here to register.

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November 27 Tuesday

Nov 27, 2018
London, UK

A growing number of women are entering the UK water industry and taking on a wider range of roles