Water Research Commission (WRC)

Funding Agency and Programme Owner

The Water Research Commission (WRC) is an entity of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation and was established in 1971 in terms of the Water Research Act (Act No 34 of 1971). With the mandate of facilitating, guiding and coordinating new knowledge generation through research, the WRC’s vision is to have highly informed water decision-making through science and technology at all levels, in all stakeholder groups, and innovative water solutions through research and development for South Africa, Africa and the world. In this regard, the WRC’s aim is to contribute effectively to the best possible quality of life for the people of South Africa, by promoting water research, application and uptake of research findings and products. The Commission drives its mission of becoming a regional water knowledge hub and South Africa’s premier water knowledge resource, active across the entire water innovation value chain world though 3 key strategic areas: (1) water resources management and ecosystems, (2) water use and waste water management and (3) water utilisation in agriculture. International cooperation and partnerships forms an integral part of the Commission’s business driven by formal or informal frameworks jointly implemented with key strategic international partners.

The WRC also implements the National Water Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap, the South African Sanitation Technology Demonstration Programme (SASTEP) and the Water Technologies and Demonstration Programme (WADER) with the Ministry of Science and Technology of South Africa.
The Commission is also a member of several international policy and technical water and sanitation platforms aimed at driving the African and global water agenda and promote research, development and innovation (RDI) cooperation between South Africa, the continent and global partners with the aim of addressing the global water, sanitation and climate change challenges.



Mamohloding TLHAGALE
Function Head of International Cooperation and Partnership  Mamohloding Tlhagale
Division International Cooperation and Partnership
Email name.surname(at)
Phone +27 73 374 4638

Areas of expertise

Dr. Mamohloding Tlhagale is the Head of International Cooperation and Partnerships at the WRC where her role is to drive the implementation of the WRC’s International Strategy ensuring maximum benefit from international collaborations and partnerships for the benefit of South Africa’s Water sector and the public. This is achieved by establishing, coordinating and managing international cooperation and partnerships that will leverage international resources and facilitate access to strategic networks that will strengthen South Africa and Africa’s water sector and contribute to addressing the national water and sanitation needs and challenges.
Before joining the WRC Dr. Tlhagale was the Director for Strategic Partnerships at the South African Ministry of Science and Technology where her role was to promote strategic international partnerships that will leverage international resources to strengthen South Africa’s science and technology capacities. The portfolio included: (1) leveraging the EU funding instruments and network to support SA S&T research development and innovation (RDI) and capacity building, (2) promoting South African and African participation in EU programmes such as the Seventh Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, ACP S&T programmes, EEN and Eureka, (3) facilitating and coordinating science and technology policy dialogue between South Africa and the EU Government (European Commission DG Research and Innovation), and (4) marketing SA S&T excellence in Europe.
Dr. Tlhagale also has experience of coordinating and playing a key role in FP7 and H2020 Coordination and Support Action Bilat projects, ERA-NETS, ERA-NET Cofund and have been involved with the call preparation for the WaterJPI IC4Water and WaterWorks2017 calls. The WRC is however a funding partner in WW2014 and WW2015 which were initiated prior to Dr. Tlhagale joining the WRC. Dr. Tlhagale was also the South African FP7 and H2020 SA National Contact Point network Coordinator from 2005-2016, and the National Project Coordinator (NPC) for the Eureka network from 2014-2016.
Prior to joining the Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Tlhagale was a Lecturer and Research Manager at the Medical University of Southern Africa (MEDUNSA) where she lectured medical microbiology and molecular biology to the medical students and worked as a lead researcher in a microbiology laboratory.
Mrs. Tlhagale holds three postgraduate degrees (PhD in Management of Innovation and Technology from Da Vinci Institute, Master of Science in Medical Microbiology and BSc (Hons) from MEDUNSA, BSC degree from University of the North, and a project management certificate from University of Pretoria. In summary her expertise is therefore establishing and management of international relations and partnerships, project management, management of innovation and technology and public policy implementation.

Role in Water JPI activities

Governing Board Technical advisor
Supporting projects: partner in WaterWorks2014, WaterWorks2015 and WaterWorks2017
Joint Calls: funding partner in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Joint Call
Alignment: funding partner in the Thematic Annual Programming on Water
International Cooperation: contributor
Communication: contributor
Knowledge hub: funding partner representative

Role in Water JPI activities Partner in ERA-NET Cofund WaterWorks2014, WaterWorks2015 and WaterWorks2017

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